The Muchea Livestock Centre has an 8 bay drive through Truckwash. An Avdata key operates 4 bays and Coin Operated devices operate another 4 bays. The Truckwash is available on a 24 hour basis (for site access card holders) and during normal MLC operating hours (for other users).

The Avdata system uses a micro chip key that can be used Australia wide. Avdata keys are available from the WAMIA Admin Office at the MLC. All trucks using the Avdata wash are required to supply their own hose.

The coin operated truck wash operates with $1 coins for smaller trucks. Hoses are supplied for this wash.

Wash usage is charged on a per minute basis with current charge rate for the Avdata wash at 68c per minute. Using the coin wash, $1 will provide a wash for just under 1 minute.

The Truckwash is only available for use by Livestock Vehicles.

All enquires re the operation of the Truckwash or purchase of Avdata keys should be directed to WAMIA.