Q1 Where is the Muchea Livestock Centre located?

Lot 5 Muchea East Road Muchea, is approximately 1km east of the intersection of the Great Northern Highway and the Brand Highway. Entry is via Seymour Drive. A map to the site is located here.

Q2 When are receival times for the Muchea Livestock Centre?
Cattle LW from 12nn to 5pm Sunday
Veal 12nn to 5pm Sunday
5-8am Monday
Sheep 2-7pm Monday
4am to 7:30am Tue
Q3 Are sales held on a public holiday Monday?

No, both sheep and cattle sales are held on a Tuesday.
Receival  hours (with a public holiday Monday) will be:

Cattle LW from 12nn to 5pm Monday
Veal 12nn to 5pm Monday
5-8am Tuesday
Sheep 2-7pm Monday
4am to 7:30am Tue
Q4 When are the gates open?
Sunday 8.00am to 8.00 pm
Monday 2.30 am to 8.00pm
Tuesday 3.30am to 8.00pm
Wednesday 5.00am to 5.00pm

All other times the gate is shut and access is only via an access card (see FAQ 5) .

Q5 What do I have to do to get a Card to get through the gate after hours and/or to work in the restricted areas of the MLC?

You must complete the Induction Course (1 hour), cost is $30 cash for the card (or $50 on invoice)  Courses are held on a monthly basis dependent on demand, contact the MLC manager (0448 064 304) to make a booking.

Q6 What must I do to prepare my livestock for sale?

Follow these steps:

  1. Nominate your stock through your agent (before 4pm on Friday for cattle and 12nn on    Monday for sheep)
  2. Arrange a truck (see the Livestock Transport section of the Yellow Pages)
  3. Fill out a National Vendor Declaration Form (obtained via the MLA website mla.com.au)
  4. Ensure your stock are identified with a valid NLIS tag and are correctly branded/earmarked. Contact the Department of Agriculture and Food Brands Office (08) 9780 6100 if you need more information.
Q7 How do I get a PIC (Property Identification Code) ? (You will need this to purchase an NVD book, purchase stock, sell stock)

Contact the Department of Agriculture and Food Brands Office (08) 97806 100.

Q8 I can only deliver stock outside of normal receival hours, will WAMIA feed my stock?

Yes, contact WAMIA and book the stock in for feeding. The fees for feeding stock are located here.

Q9 Special sales – Does the MLC hold sales other than Mondays and Tuesdays?

Yes, special sales are held dependent on seasonal conditions – check the Rural Press or your agent for details. To book a sale, contact WAMIA.

Q10 What are the animal welfare requirements for the MLC?

The MLC operates under strict animal welfare protocols, only stock considered fit to load must be sent to the MLC. Refer to the “Fit to Load” Glovebox Guide. If you are in doubt leave it out or seek veterinary advice.

Q11 Truck wash – Does the MLC have a Truckwash?

Yes, using both Avdata & Coin ($1) operated washes these are available 24 hours a day to access card holders and during normal opening hours to other users.  They are available to livestock transporters only.  If you want to make a specific booking to use the wash contact WAMIA

Q12 Who should I contact to make a complaint?

As there are a number of organisations operating at the MLC it is important that your concern is directed to the responsible party, if your complaint concerns:

  • Conduct of the sale and /or penning issues – Contact the Agent concerned.
  • A facility issue ie maintenance , animal welfare – Contact WAMIA
Q13 Can a member of the public visit the MLC?

Yes , members of the public are more than welcome on sale days. Members of the public can use the public access walkways, buyers walkways but not the selling rail or restricted operational areas. If you have a school or interested groups tours can be arranged by contacting WAMIA. Closed in shoes must be worn at the MLC. The Centre is a no-smoking Centre.

Q14 Can I take photos of the MLC?

No, photographs may only be taken with the approval of MLC Management.

Q15 Can I purchase manure from the MLC?

Yes, contact Trevor on 0413 752 262 for details.

Q16 Are children welcome at the MLC?

Yes. Children under 14 they must be accompanied by an adult and they are not permitted in the MLC restricted areas.

Q17 Can I bring a dog to the MLC?

The only dogs allowed at the centre are dogs used by Livestock Transporters  to deliver or pick up sheep. The dogs must be muzzled at all times while at the Centre and be kept under effective control.

Q18 What is the MLC Pic number?